2014 Lymington & Pennington Community Carnival – new & revamped with Fiction & Fantasy

This year is the start of BIG things for Lymington & Pennington. We have been collaborating with many energetic and passionate people, groups & organisations. They all have one goal in common, to do great things for you and the future of the area. A recent focus for many, including ourselves has been to improve events in Lymington and really showcase, bringing to light what spectacular things are already happening.

Lymington Carnival_Lymington British Legion_Womens Section c1955

There is one event that has stood the test of time, The Lymington Carnival. Although over recent years the carnival hasn’t quite been what many were expecting. Despite this people from the community were not jumping in to help the ones committing their time to deliver this great historic event. That is until now….

After watching last years carnival Mish Frampton has taken action and joined the Lions Club as a volunteer. She has spent the last 6 months working hard with the club & community to deliver a 2014 carnival that will impress us all. The carnival has a new day, a theme, bigger sponsors, social media coverage and even a start and finish where you will be entertained for the whole day.

We asked Mish what the Lions Club had install for us this year…“For the 2014 Lymington & Pennington Community Carnival we want to make it fresh, new, exciting and lay a great foundation to build on for the future of this event. The people of Lymington and surrounding areas are very passionate about this beautiful town and this year we are all coming together to create a family fun filled day for us all and our visitors to enjoy!”

We have some big changes lined up; 

  • We have a dedicated Carnival Day-  Sunday 20th of July (previous years has always been on a Saturday after the Market)
  • We are starting the procession early in the day
  • We have a Family Fun Fete to follow being held at Lymington Sports Ground
  • Entertainment along the route before the procession arrives
  • We have numerous schools, sports teams, businesses and organisations showing their support and entering this year
  • We have a dedicated website www.lymingtoncarnival.co.uk, twitter page @Lymcarnival and Facebook Page
  • We have the support of Local businesses via generous sponsorships
  • We are holding a Pre-Carnival Ball 
  • The theme this year is Fiction & Fantasy
  • 100% of the collection is going back to the community you can apply to receive some of the funds via our NEW Carnival Award Scheme

So get your friends together, your community group, work place, school class and get involved with the 2014 carnival. There are many ways to do so from joining the procession , sponsorship, volunteering to help or simply turning up on the day to show your support and enjoy a great day.

Lymington Carnival_Mcarthy & Stone

Lymington Carnival – Mcarthy & Stone

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